Do’s & Don’ts

IMG_0311Please Do:

Be punctual when dropping off and collecting your dog
Make sure your dog has been exercised prior to attending the appointment
Give me at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation, otherwise a cancellation charge may be applied on your next appointment.
Phone and let me know if you are running late as I operate an appointment only system. We may need to reschedule
Ensure your dog is up to date with all its vaccinations
Insure your dog against all eventualities. Whilst I hold the appropriate liability insurance I cannot accept responsibility for death, injury or illness to your dog whilst in my care
Bring your dog on a lead as the roadway outside my salon can get quite busy

Please Don’t:
Present your dog for grooming with wet hair
Bring your dog for an appointment if it is unwell, in season, pregnant or recently been neutered
Bring your dog to be groomed if it has fleas
Sedate your dog. If your dog requires to be sedated in order for it to be groomed, the grooming process should be carried out by a veterinary practice where the welfare of your dog can be closely monitored
Ask me to administer any form of medication e.g. flea/tick treatment. The only people legally allowed to administer medication are a registered vet and the dog’s owner
Ask me to look after your dog while you attend another appointment. I do not have a licence for doggy day care


I groom strictly on a one to one, appointment only basis with no overlaps, ensuring your dogs experience is enjoyable and in a stress free environment.

I only use top of the range equipment and products.

I also stock a small selection of professional grooming products to enable you to pamper your pooch at home.

Please take a look at some of the dogs I have groomed in the gallery or call 01349 884134 to make an appointment.